Sunday, January 23, 2011

Swimming Technique 101: Dry Land

Hope everyone’s weekend has been pleasant. We’ve been enjoying some nice sunshine but unfortunately were not able to get into the pool. Therefore, we will be making this a two part post. Hey, more bang for you buck, right?

Part 1: Talking about about drills and technique
  • The hubs shows how to do the 10/3 drill.
  • Talks about why its important in your warm up.
  • What position to focus on in the water.
swim technique 101- NOTE: you might need to adjust the volume on your computer.
Like what you see? This is us at our prime (post workouts grunge, haha.)

Next up we’ll be at the pool. The hubs will demonstrate the 10/3 drill along with some other techniques for proper form and breathing. If you want to ask any questions, be sure to leave them in the comment section and your email (which will only be seen by me).

For those of you who came to see pictures of food. I’ll leave you with this.
I’ll send you a prize if anyone can guess what this is a close up of.
Hint: it is a dessert of some sort. NO flour and NO yogurt ingredients.
The Cotter Crew

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