Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rollin’ Old School…..

Ladies and Gents, this post is long overdue. I think my technology frustrations on Friday spurred me on to write it. It was only a matter of time. You see, when it comes to technology, fancy gadgets, and blogging, the Cotters Roll Old School. At least that’s what I tell myself. In actuality, we’re just inpatient, lacking funds, and kind of technologically challenged.

So this post is my Ode. An Ode to Rollin Old School. An Ode to “embracing the suck” of technology. And really so much more.

Let the SARCASM begin.
(note: this is based on my personal experience, so feel free to LOL!).

You know you’re Old School with technology when…….

  • You’ve attempted  to upgrade software and all hell breaks loose. Therefore, from now on, upgrades are only allowed with supervision.
  • You’re afraid of tweet deck. Where in the world do you even look on that thing? huh?
  • Other bloggers laugh at your camera when you whip it out to take pictures. What? You mean having a camera that is as old as you are is not cool? I like to call it vintage.
Even part of the lens protectors are missing. It’s the worn out look.
IMG00503-20110528-1154 IMG00501-20110528-1154
How to take really good self portraits.
  • It takes you a full day to write a post. 30 minutes to actually write it and 7 hours to upload pictures from your 1980’s camera and computer software.
  • You only wear your Garmin on recovery runs because it literally is so big it slows you down.
  • Trying to fancy up your blog only makes things worse. By the end of the day you’ve given up and result to pouring a glass of wine. Hmm….maybe this why I like wine so much.
  • Your best friends feel sorry for you and offer to make your blog look cooler. How else do you think I got a new header? Haha, I really don’t know what I’d do without Dorry.
  • 2
  • You try to work an iPhone but instead end up “butt” dialing someone in Europe.
  • The words server and cookies are only familiar to you in a bakery. That reminds me, we’re out of milk.
  • And last but not least……you finally get a TV but it takes 30 minutes to find a good spot for the antenna in order for those 5 channels to magically appear.

Now I hope you enjoyed that, and I am sure a few of you can relate. I do realize we are VERY FORTUNATE to have just the simplest things, and I try to not take that for granted.

I felt I needed a light hearted post in order to bring a smile to your face, and to my face for that matter.
So for now, the Cotters are off to embrace what they do best…..

Eat, Sleep, Cook, Train, Repeat.
LC (the old school baller)
Uh ya, intense debate ate all those previous comments in THIS post. They are somewhere in internet la la land. I finally got Disqus back, so sorry if you can’t comment. Story of my life. haha!

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