Sunday, July 4, 2010

Winner and Wonderful 4th!

Happy 4th! Just a quick hello to announce our Coconut Oil Winner.................and it goes to...........

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EDEN: who said
Eden said...

Awesome recipe! i cant wait to try it! I've been craving brownies and have been trying to stay away from wheat cause of tummy issues. I will follow you on twitter and tweet.

favorite Bday gift? well, my 21st Bday was my last day after 4 months of being in a residential eating disorder treatment center, so being able to leave on my birthday and recovery was the best gift.

Once again, I'm running over to the store to make this recipe, its that time of the month and I need my brownie fix!

Now is that a COOL birthday present or what?! Eden's blog is so inspiring and full of great eats! She is a chef you know. ;)

Way to go EDEN!! You're gonna love cooking/baking with this Virgin Coconut oil!

Now I'm off to BBQ it up with a few of my favorite midgets (aka Nieces, nephews, etc). Oh, and the rest of the family that's not so small.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Bre's version of the NUTTZO Stir Fry. Mission Monday is back!



Eden said...

I love ya lindsay! youll get a shout out on my next most fo shizzle!
You nephews are ADORABLE! i am supposed ti visit mine tomorrow. Cant wait to try my gift! I promise tasty gluten free deliciousness!

Heather (Where's the Beach) said...

Enjoy the BBQ!!!!

whataboutsummer said...

I love the family photos. This makes me miss the kids I babysit too much (darn summer camp- permanent sitters haha)
Happy 4th!