Monday, May 3, 2010

Whirl Wind Weekend to Manic Munday

So this is going to be a recap quick post, why? ......Hubs is finally back in town (be in/out for the past 2 weeks) and I am making a much needed YUMMY meal for him along with playing catch up on work, cleaning, Healthy Bite orders, etc. Its one of those MUNDAYS! Anyway, this weekend was another solo weekend since the hubs was gone racing here....

Can you spot him?

Unfortunately, the poor hubs got sick the night before and spent most of his race puking. Still finished strong though! Such a brave man!
I drove up to Dallas with Sadie Mae a spent a little time with parents since my half marathon was Sunday. It was fun! We grilled out, had a little wine, watched a movie, etc. Perfect prep for the race, haha!. Oh and I think some dark chocolate was thrown in there too!
Parents were super supportive (Since the hubs COACH couldn't make it) and took me down to race site and everything. The weather was overcast and perfect! The race crew was fun and there was lots of support! We even ran into some good friends who just happened to be running the 5k. SUPER FUN!

Staying warm with mom before the race

And dad......

Its like Where's Waldo....see me in the crowd of pink? haha!

My good friend Sauwako and her new Hubs doing the 5k

Finished....woohoo! thumbs up Coach!

Great support....Love you mom & dad!

I had a great time racing and beat my goal time by almost 2 minutes. I give full credit to the hubs COACH for all those Torture Tuesdays!
Now I must go chow down on some home-made protein ice cream with the hubs. GOOD TIMES and GOOD COMPANY!

Yes I know its suppose to be Mission Monday, but since this weekend has been such a whirl wind, I am delaying till tomorrow or Wednesday, so hold tight. Breanne is tapering this week for her race in Knoxville this Sunday so send her some good taper vibes!


livelifeeatright said...

Congrats on the race! Your parents are so amazing and I hope the hubs is feeling better soon! UGH! I haven't raced in SO long I miss it!

Vee said...

Congratulations on the race - beating your goal time must have felt fantastic. Well done!
Shame about your hubby not feeling well, hope he gets better soon!

Therese said...

I can't believe your poor hubs was puking the whole time but still finished!

My parents still come to my "sporting events". My dad was at my last 5k and both were at our softball championships :)

april said...

Congrats!! you did awsome!!

Abby said...

I hope James is feeling better! That is a bummer!

Great job on your race!

And I promise to come down to Austin, Dave and I are looking into it!

She-Fit said...

Way to go completing the race!!!! I really wish I loved running... I always try and I hate it every time :(

Melissa@HealthyBites&Bits said...

Congrats on finishing 2 mins faster, that's awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah...I totally doubt you actually ate any chocolate...whatever.

Kelly @ Healthy Living With Kelly said...

Didn't know you were racing...good job on beating your goal by 2 minutes.

Kelly @ Healthy Living With Ke said...

Didn't know you were racing...good job on beating your goal by 2 minutes.