Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Kiwi in the Kitchen

Lots going on this Mother's Day, train, and celebrate! I will have a new niece on Monday and a new nephew maybe a week after that. Bring on the family! That being said, everyone is in town for Mom's day. Well, all except my fabulous MIL (mother in law) who lives in New Zealand. Since we couldn't go down to New Zealand (bummer), we decided to share a little taste of New Zealand to my mom here in Texas.
My Kiwi husband (aka Hubs), decided to make (from scratch) his world famous Kiwi Pavlova. This stuff is amazing!! I was the sous chef and got to decorate. Anywho....Pavlova is a traditional New Zealand/Australian type of meringue. Its basically egg white and sugar with heavy whipping cream and fruit on top. Sounds simple, right? NOPE! It takes skill to create the perfect peaks and dome shape (so that it doesn't collapse in the oven). then you to be very careful in the baking process and let it cool before putting any decor on it. We spent some time last night baking and it was fun! The hubs in awesome at baking..

Check out the shirt...clever, eh?

After all my decorating was done (fresh whipped cream, kiwi fruit, blackberries, and dark chocolate chips), we surprised my mom and took over her special Pavlova (this was around 10:30pm at night).

We enjoyed the late night dessert and its always fun to see my mom smile that big!

Happy Mother's day weekend!


Good luck to all those racing REV3 tomorrow in Knoxville, especially our girl Bre! Go get 'em!!


Veta said...

Thanks James and Lindsay for a wonderful Mother's Day gift. It was so yummy!

kristin fulghum said...

that looks delicios!

april said...

That looks delicious! I can imagine how tough it is- I've tried making regular merignes and failed!

Veta said...

Thanks James and Lindsay for a wonderful Mother's Day gift. It was so yummy!