Friday, May 14, 2010

Freaky Friday

It has been quite the morning and its not even noon yet here. Lets start off with the weather....dreary, stormy, green sky. Uh.....freaky!

Now lets rewind to last night....where it all began. After dinner we usually walk Sadie, let her do her business, then thats it for the night. The hubs took her out while I was doing dishes. He sprinted back in the door saying..."wow, that was close!" Apparently there was a baby rattle snake that almost bit Sadie....or so we thought. Sadie was acting a little strange before bed and went to lay down by the front door stairs (away from her usual bed by us). I knew something was up! We went to bed and around 3am in the morning I heard a yelp. I thought she was just dreaming. But then at 4:30am we woke up for swim training/work, we found Sadie by our door, FACE SWOLLEN!! I jumped out of bed in a PANIC!! Husband obviously ditched swim training and jumped in the car with the dog while I searched the Internet for the closest animal hospital. EEK!

a few needed shots
Two hours later (yes it was only 6:30am by then), Sadie was back home. A bunch of tests were done, she is drugged up, and we go back to the vet at 3pm. They think there was not much venom in her so she should be okay but we have to keep a close eye on her all day. So the hubs and I are tag teaming it all day. I guess this is good practice for a kid, haha!

On a lighter note, I received my Byrd Mill Peanut Flour in the mail yesterday and couldn't wait to start using it. The stats are awesome!

 First up was a recipe from Deb's awesome blog.

Unsweetened vanilla almond milk
4 tbsp peanut flour
vanilla extract
Vanilla Whey protein
lots of ice
xanatham and guar gums
topped with cool whip (our vice) and dark chocolate chips!


Next up I want to try a peanut butter protein cookie or muffin. I'll be experimenting in the kitchen this weekend while the pups rests.

see her still swollen face...poor thing!

Hope your Friday is a little more normal than ours. Its still a little dreary outside and a little freaky looking.


Anonymous said...

PB FLOUR!?!? say WHAAAT?!?! where did you get this? that sounds AWEESOME! I would prob put that in like.. everything! haha
thank you for always being so encouraging and so full of life! LOVE YOU

SSB said...

Poor pup. But she looks so cute with her face all puffed out that way.

Abby said...

Her face is so cute, but so sad :( Poor little lady. I think I need to make a trip with Dexter to cheer her up!

That PB ice cream looks phenomenal! everything you post on this blog. :)

Happy friday!

april said...

Oh my goodness.. poor puppy!! I'm glad she is being nursed back to health though!

And I seriously need to get my hands on that peanut flour! Does it taste better than PB2?

jameson said...

what are nutrtionals of the ice cream?

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Poor Sadie. Boomer and I wish her well!

Boomer was stung by a bee once and her face did the same thing. I tell you, dogs can be just as expensive as kids :)

Allie (Protein Girl) said...

So sorry about puppy. At least you can have a big bowl of comforting pb ice cream!

Kelly @ Healthy Living With Kelly said...

POOR SADIE!!!! You know I love that dog...I am saying prayers!!!

Anonymous said...

first time I've stopped by and I can't wait to read more. I've always wondered about the wives of athletes. hope the dog gets well soon!

sophia said...

I need to email that recipe to my friend. She loooooves protein powder and pb!

Aw, poor Sadie...I hope she's back to her old self soon!

Megan D said...

WOW I cannot believe that swelling! Poor pup! Hope she is feeling better soon :)

Therese said...

I don't know how I missed this!!!!! Poor Sadie!!!! Her face looks so sad and I'm sure she was in so much pain...