Monday, April 19, 2010


Hey guys. Welcome back to Mission Monday. Well, Breanne was able to get her oven fixed (yea!) and baked away this weekend. Here's her post about experiencing with the Avocado Bread. Stay tuned for our next recipe.....most likely an entree!


An avocado filled afternoon...

I finally was able to get time to bake my version of the avocado bread after a minor delay this week. I accidently blew up my oven the day after Lindsay posted Mission Monday. Yup, sparks & smoke and the whole deal came from my totally ghetto oven and no replacement of the old school fuses was bringing it back to life. And I had to wait until my landlords found another oven for me which was 5 days later!!!

I woke up this morning, and it was FREEZING outside and forecasting rain & flurries ( april...). I was supposed to go on the club bike ride, but it was way too cold for me to survive for 4 hours on a bike trying to not get dropped by the guys. So I opted for the trainer, and did a solid ride on there instead. Post-ride I knew I had two hours to bake the bread before I had to leave again. So pulled all the ingredients from the cupboard and fridge, and got to work!

The changes I had to make (or accidently made!). I used coconut oil instead of coconut butter. And I chopped too many figs so it was a rather heaping 1/3c that went in. Cloves—I don’t know what those I doubled...ok...I tripled the cinnamon (I LOVE CINNAMON!) Oh yeah, and I was trying to multitask as I was baking (getting ready to leave for a funeral, get lunch, & email my dad tax stuff...) so I almost forgot the eggs. Meaning I had the whole mixture done and then it looked I read through the recipe again and realized there were no eggs in it!!! So....the eggs went in at the very end- probably not orthodox baking method but it work!

The avocado bread mix

Out of the oven

Good thing it was done in time for me to get out of the house on time, and really good news since I was running late and hadn’t gotten to eating lunch yet- so grabbed a bowl, cut the avocado bread (yup without letting it cool...), into the bowl (it didn’t really stay in bread slice form...but crumbly version was yummy too!), and tossed on some almond butter and took it “to-go” YUM!!!

And last, the bowl that went into the car with me!

Now how did the recipe shape up for a Celiac student athlete with time constraints? Well, I had exactly two hours to get it all mixed and in & out of the oven- and it was perfect timing. Mixing it only took me about 20-30 minutes to get everything ready, mixed and into the oven- which I love that it is super quick and easy (and very little clean up...I hate doing dishes!).

I discovered I really like figs...I’d never had them before but they are definitely going to find a home in my cupboards-- and probably into my jersey pockets for some riding food. Natural sugars, lots of potassium = great little snack for the bike! And hello calcium- and for someone who relies on calcium supplements, the calcium stats on these little figs rock!

Avocado was a great addition to bread for my athlete busy lifestyle- it has more potassium than bananas, calorie dense, packed with all good fats, and has the highest protein content of any fruit! I’m loving that! And it was perfect for eating on the run---some almond butter on top and off I went with a very happy tummy. Delicious, healthy, & easy? Now that is my kind of food!


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Abby said...

Oh my goodness! Your Oven!! So glad it's fixed! I've caught many a-kitchen appliance on fire!! Oops!