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Hiking in Kauai
We are the Cotters, a husband/wife team working towards our dream. James (the hubs) is a Kiwi (New Zealander) racing triathlon professionally. Then there's me, Lindsay (the wife). I am a nutrition manager and fitness consultant trying to keep the hubs well fed and nourished with good gluten free meals! We currently live in Austin but our story began in on the island, the BIG ISLAND. For over a year we lived in Kona where I used to work as a race director and James trained hard/worked hard. We met before in Austin, dated in Kona, got hitched in Kona, then moved back to Austin to pursue life together etc, etc.

We're passionate about sharing and living a full, wholesome, and healthy life. It's a crazy ride and we're ready to share it all!

Wedding Day in Kona



Thats our story, in a nut shell. I'll keep you posted on any new adventures that may come our way!