Friday, October 8, 2010

A "Gala" of a Time

Hey there. Happy weekend! Anyone else TOTALLY excited about IRONMAN KONA tomorrow?!?! The hubs and I will be glued to our computers. Good Luck to Terenzo, Chris Lieto, Lindsey Corbin, Bree, Brownie, Tyler Stewart, Meredith Kessler, and all the Age Groupers racing out there. Go Get 'Em!

Anyway, onto other fun stuff! Last night we got invited to the Marathon Kids GALA honoring Susan Dell. You see, the hubs used to work for the Dell family. In fact, the kids were in our wedding! They are a great family and Susan kindly invited us to join in on this special event. To be honest, I'd NEVER been to Gala and was pretty intimidated. The only place where I even heard of GALA's  was on the Sex and the City re-runs. haha! So I scrounged the closet for something to where and found nothing. Of course, this always happens to me. I freaked out and spent the whole day trying to find the perfect "affordable" cocktail dress. I'm such a tomboy, I hate shopping and am horrible at "primping." Hey, that's what happens when you grow up with three brothers!

The evening came and we finally were ready to go!

Thank you Charlotte Russe!

yes, target shoes and jewelry.......AFFORDABLE, yea!

And a handsome hubs that always opens the door for me. Such manners.
SIDE NOTE: Bought a new camera, didn't know how to really work it, THEREFORE all the indoor pictures have bad lighting......thats my blond roots at work for ya! 
Anyway, an hour drive in rush hour traffic and we finally arrived at the FOUR SEASONS downtown. Ohhh la la.
everyone small talking.....yada yada yada.

Ah yes, the food stations. Hooray!

Vino, you know I don't pass this up!

Tomato/Mozzarella skewers with fresh greens. A good start!

More socializing. Look at that serious. haha!

Sliders anyone? I actually like the fries the better!

Caught in the act, round 3??? hehe!

And the ceremony begins.....

hiding in the dark behind the hubs...yes, it was that dark and I was "that girl" who thought it'd be fun to take a picture in the dark!

Our Live Auction number. Um, the starting bid was always over $1000. Not in our budget but we felt SOPHISTICATED just holding our number!

some fun auction packages

I so wanted this one, starting bid was $5000....YA RIGHT!

Kristin Armstrong spoke briefly. Love her, such an amazing woman!

And then it was time for the infamous bathroom pic. Why? Because I can!  Gotta love it when people staying at the Four Seasons give you weird looks for this. Priceless!
We got home and I was pretty much still hungry. Midnight munchies are sometimes needed in order to sleep soundly, and that we did!
Congrats to the Marathon Kids Organization for a great event and keeping our kids healthy! And thanks to Susan Dell for her commitment to this wonderful organization.

Ever been to a Gala? Do tell!

Well, that's a wrap!


Kristina @ spabettie said...

LOVE the dress!! you two look great together... and Jason opens doors for me too *love*!! :)

Bre said...

super cute dress! looks like you and James had a great night out! I make my sisters dress me if I have to go out- I grew up with all girls and I still have no fashion sense! ;)been to Gala's when I danced with the ballet company other than that- just lots of formal banquets! :)
love the bathroom pic! :-D

Sweet Cheeks said...

Charlotte Russe is the BEST isn't it!?! It is one my favorite places to shop and I always go straight for the clearance racks and end up finding great steals. looooove!

TheFitnessFreak said...

That is such a cute dress Lindsay! Good pick : ) Glad you got a date night out of it!


Abby said...

You look so beautiful!!! You and your hubs are a very handsome couple! :)

Anonymous said...

oooo you look gorgeous! I dont know what qualifies as a "gala". ive been to fancy events but I dont think they had "gala" in the title. lol
think that bathroom picture is priceless

Anonymous said...

crap that last "anon" comment was me, i didnt click the right button!

eden said...

O no! I did it again! what is wrong with me!

Anonymous said...

Forget Brangelina...i'm on team Jamesay. You are such a beautiful couple and you seem sane ;) Your hubs reminds me of an actor who's name i've drawn a blank. I'm sure you know who i'm talking about.

I need more coffee. Oh, GT Kombucha is back! I found some at Whole Foods. It still tastes the same to me.

Virginia said...

cute outfit! and ARM MUSCLES! hehe :D
and i LOVE fancy bathrooms!

Dorry said...

You are gorgeous! I'm totally the same way about primping AND shopping - terrible at both. You should have seen me trying to get ready by myself in Italy for our "wedding day" - haha. But you really pulled your look together. Love your hubs facial expressions in these photos. And I bet he loves to see you all dolled up. Billy is used to seeing me in workout clothes or yoga (or pajamas!) just about everyday. :) Sometimes it's so fun to be fancy for an evening with good food and wine.

Heather (Where's the Beach) said...

You look gorgeous girl! Sometimes it's so fun to get all dolled up like that. Sounds like a great event and a great evening. Enjoy your Saturday!

Anonymous said...

bahah i LOVE how you took a pic in the dark and tagged yourself as "that girl" bc that is SO ME! you look freaking hot in that dress, you are pretty much beautiful all the time tho. glad yall had FUN!

kristin fulghum said...

so fun! love your dress.

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

you are beautiful, even more so than ever in these pics!
and your hubs cleans up nicely after all his races :)

you two will procreate beautiful offspring one day no doubt :)


Anonymous said...

You look adorable! Never been to a Gala :( Wish I could say I have! Or at least, I've never been to anything that's been called a Gala. I've been to dances and formal gatherings, but nothing of the gala sort! You look beautiful though!!!

Kelly said...

Cute! I don't ever think I have seen you with that much makeup on before! oh la la!

Jess said...

You look SO cute! Love dress. Charlotte Russe is great!!

Lisa (bakebikeblog) said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the outfit!!!

Nichole said...

Fierce! Were your target shoes comfy? Sometimes it's a crapshoot:)

Ironman ROCKS! But total crap they don't air the darn thing live until DECEMBER! Awful!

Anonymous said...

Um, LOVE your outfit!! How come I never look half as cute in Charlotte or Target stuff but you look awesome! Maybe I'm not savvy enough ;-)

Lisa (bakebikeblog) said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the outfit!!!