Friday, April 23, 2010

Core and More

Hello!!!! Yea for Friday! Well, the coach  hubs has left this weekend for a race.

And I'm stuck here.....

Wish I could go, but I have a few clients to meet with, train, etc. Gotta do whatcha ya gotta do! But still, flying solo is kinda fun. I get a chance to catch up on cleaning, organizing, working, baking, etc. Then I am super excited when the hubs returns!

Anyway, every Friday I teach power cycle/core and today was awesome! My class killed it and my legs sure felt it. I'm pretty lucky to have such fun class members. After an intense 45 min spin we followed up with what I like to call "GET YOUR CORE ON THE FLOOR!" This routine is about 10 minutes and involves lots of pushups, planks, ab workout, etc. Here's a little demo routine for ya!

10 min CORE & MORE
- 10 stability ball pushups
-roll out and do 10 wide push ups with feet on ball
-10 to 15 pikes/jack knifes on stability ball
-25 crunches on stability ball
-10 tricep push ups on mat
-60-90 second plank alternating from plank to dolphin plank for 1 minute then hold for 20-30 sec

Repeat 3x. Stretch! Done and DONE!

After class I usually have a couple clients in the mid morning and afternoon but my afternoon client had to cancel so I grabbed the pups (Sadie Mae) and went to the trails.

Waiting for me to take a picture before we hike, so patient. :)

Stop to view the scenery

Fun times!

Well, its dinner time and I'm think of doing my favorite tapas. Goat Cheese, smoked salmon, raw veggies, and of course.......WINE! Gonna sit back, enjoy my glass, and watch some Food Revolution. Ah yea baby!
Whats your favorite "tapas" plate?!



Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty said...

I enjoy my solo nights now and then too!! :) Especially when wine is included!!

Have a great evening!!


april said...

I love ball pikes! Those are killer for sure!

And man, you live in a beautiful area!

Jessie said...

I agree, it's nice to have a little alone time to do alone things :) I'm so impressed with how active you are - your client canceled and you were out on the trails with the puppers? You are an inspiration, for sure!

Have a great weekend!

ktbwood said...

ooooo girl thats an amazing dinner! AND ab workout!! whoo! i love planks. actually- i hate them , but love the results. LOVE YA BOO!

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

Fave tapas plates? Lots of green food. I have all kinds of bowls of this and that, with random veggies, i know a little out there :)

Anyway girl thx for the awesome comments the past few days, totally appreciated!

And love the workout moves in this post too!

Kelly said...

I love escargot served in a rich tomato broth from a little Spanish tapas restaurant called Ceviche's in Tampa, Fl. It is out of this world good and you never find escargot in anything but a pool of butter.

I just visited your site after you commented on mine (thanks by the way!)and you inspired me to try Kombucha since you love it so much. First taste and I absolutely LOVE it. I wish it wasn't so darn expensive, I would drink it every day.