Monday, March 8, 2010

Sooo not Mundane

Ah, Monday is over. Today was full of work but its good to be caught up, for now. My husband says its national procrastination week so he gets some slack. I think thats such a load of crapola! I hate procrastinating, it just makes me anxious. James on the other hand, is Mr. Procrastination so I guess it evens out. haha!
Well, time to fix up some grub. We usually grab a bite at whole foods after church on Sunday so on Monday I am refreshed in the kitchen. Plus we actually have groceries!

Raspberry Wasabi Salmon with Wakame noodles.
1-2 tbsp raspberry Jam
1tbsp balsamic vinegar
1 tbsp oil (olive or coconut)
2-3 tsp wasabi powder
1-2 tbsp water
black pepper to taste

Combine all ingredients and let it sit for 5 minutes. Then pour over salmon with extra oil and a vinegar.
Throw in some veggies (like cauliflower) and bake at 425F for 20-25 minutes depending on how thick your salmon fillets are.


Cook as directed then drain, throw back in pot and add some tahini butter and greens to saute.

Voila. A Salmon Noodle Success! The noodles are mostly made from wakame (seaweed vegetable) and brown rice and therefore gluten free!

So, how do you like your Mondays? Ease on into it or play catch up right away?


april said...

Did you find those noodles at whole foods? They sound good!

And you know I love Salmon.. it was Salmon Sunday yesterday! LOL

Lindsay Cotter said...

I get them at our local grocery store actually. They have pumpkin and sweet potatoe ones too! SO yum! I think they are at whole foods though or you might check another natural grocery store.

Julia said...

Looks delish! I'm intrigued by those noodles as well. What are the nutrition stats like (although I'm assuming pretty good, haha)? Thanks!

Lindsay Cotter said...

Julia, Those noodles have very similar stats to Quiona. Thats why I liked them. Higher protein and fiber than most grains. Gotta love that!

brandi said...

I don't mind Mondays as long as I have enough sleep and the weather is nice :)

that salmon looks great!

Katie ♥ said...

Wow that meal looks delish!! I would love that!!

I love the new blog layout and I love yourpic on the side with the kombucha!!! I love that stuff too!! So cute!!!

What is that yummy treat you have as your blog header pic??? Looks amazing!!! xoxo

Lindsay Cotter said...


YOu'd like these noodles. So yummy! And the picture on top are from my flourless chocolate banana protein muffins. Check out the recipe here.

SSB said...

Oh I hope they have those noodles over out here.

brandi said...

I don't mind Mondays as long as I have enough sleep and the weather is nice :)

that salmon looks great!